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Turning twenty

Starting off my birthday happy!

Today I turn the big 2-0.

No longer a teenager, but then again, I never really was one for a few years! Thank you to everyone who helped me grow into the person I am today. I am so grateful to all the wonderful people in my life, and those who have come and gone. You have all left behind memories and life lessons that helped me grow as a woman, but most importantly, as a human being.

I didn't always have an easy life, and have faced so many obstacles that my younger self wouldn't have fathomed to conceive that were possible. But all of this has strengthened me, and the wonderful people I have grown to know have taught me perseverance, and the importance of letting yourself be happy.

But today, is more about what you have all done for me, than about me. For who am I, but a creation of the people around me. I have learnt so much, and have much to be grateful for.

Most especially, I would love to thank my fiancé, and love of my life Albon Averion, who has loved me even at my darkest, and supported me as I become better, one step at a time.

I'd like to thank Jess and her company Sierra Blooms, for this beautiful bouquet as a commemoration of my transition into adulthood! It is a pleasure to wake up and smell this astonishing mixture of eucalyptus gum, lisianthus, rose spray, snap dragons and carnations.

Sierra Blooms is an event florist located in Sydney and it has been wonderful knowing Jess, and this business. They are a family run business, offer affordable wedding packages to Sydney brides, do flower crowns for hens parties and baby showers, plus flowers for any other occasion. Just a look at their gallery makes you think "this is the one" for your big day no matter if it's for your wedding, photoshoot, or just because you want to show someone you care about them.

Even though the weather is quite cold, I feel so warm inside knowing of all the love shared by the people I have been blessed to meet.

Today you'll find me dining around Sydney's best meat restaurants, and then taking a twilight cruise around the harbour as Vivid Sydney lights up the night.

Luckily, eucalyptus foliage can be tied with twine and hung from my shower rod in the event I get sniffles from tonight, as it helps to refresh the body and lungs in winter. The steam from the hot water helps release the natural oils in the eucalyptus!

If you want to know more about Sierra Blooms, or would like to make an enquiry:

Follow them on Instagram at @sierra.blooms

Visit their website at

You can shop my outfit at the following:

Last Sunday Tank Top at Drop of Us

Metallic Double Bow Tote in Light Pink at LYDC London

La Boheme Mesh in Gold/White at Cluse

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