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BellaBox: Winter Switch Review

This week I received the BellaBox June box, titled Winter Switch, courtesy of the wonderful BellaBox team!

I have reviewed a previous box as well, so was excited opening their June box. Inside this month was:

First impression was "damn that's a lot of blue", which of course is understandable for a wintery cold theme. To combat the harsh effects of constant winds, rain, and low temperatures, it's obvious that this month they sought to hydrate the skin.

It's vital during cold weather that you hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water, moisturising, and ensuring to use a gentle cleanser to rid all the makeup and impurities that clog up your pores.

For starters, I am a big fan of the Colgate Optic White toothpaste, as I do notice a difference between brushing with a standard toothpaste, and a whitening one. Especially as a high coffee consumer, my teeth are under fire from staining drinks and foods, so to use a whitening toothpaste four times a day has been a must. (Yes I bash four times a day, once when I wake up, just before I leave, when I arrive, and when I go to sleep).

Next, I enjoyed having a travel sized Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel. I find it soothing on my skin, which is average - no oiliness, or dryness - and great way to do a spot hydration when I'm having a BB Cream day, and wiping my mouth or nose has left some dryness.

I was a fan of the Mizon Tone Up mask, as I am an avid facial mask lover. Recently I mentioned I started using anti ageing cream (at 20 years of age) because how you care for your skiing your 20's is the skin you'll deal wit him your 30's-40's. This mask in particular does have a whitening effect due to the lemon ingredient, so best not keep it on too long!

However, I wasn't a big fan of the Metallic silver nail polish, as I'm more of a pastel pink, neutrals, or burgundy nail polish wearer. As it is still packaged, it does allow you to gift it to a friend who you know would love the shade!

The Dermal Lip Balm did the job. It does moisturise the lips, but wasn't fond of the smell. Then again, I do like sweet smelling products, or one that give off no smell at all. Like I said, it does provide long lasting moisture, but without spritz of perfume I didn't enjoy having the faint smell of this product.

Lastly, I am very picky about what tea I drink, and was quite fond of the Your Tea Skin Magic Tea. I usually drink my tea without any milk or sweeteners, but for this one I did have to add a small dollop of honey.

Hope this review helped!

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Also pictured is the Conzaga clutch from Serengetee. Seregentee is a US company who sources all of their fabrics from 25 countries around the world. As they purchase the fabrics start from the local artisans, they provide much needed economic and community assistance. 10% of all proceeds from Serengetee sales are donated back to these communities for economic prosperity!

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