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Red Prom Dress Nostalgia

It has been nearly three years since I graduated high school, and I am halfway through my last two units of university until I graduate. The closer I get to graduating university, the more I think back to where I came from, and how many changes have come my way to reroute me from where I thought I would end up into where I am now.

One of my biggest nostalgic prangs has been reminiscing on my fiance's graduation ball by Sydney's Darling Harbour. I wore a dress similar to this one from Ever Pretty, and he wore a custom made burgundy, velvet suit jacket. I remember us slow dancing, joking around with his friends, and most memorably, the way his eyes shone when he saw me. Being with him makes me feel so safe, and special. I hope that everyone finds their special someone who makes them feel valued in this world, and also helps them become who their destined to be.

Thank you to Ever Pretty for helping me relive this moment with these moments. Ever Pretty is a wonderful online formal boutique who provides affordable formal dress options for your wedding, prom, formal, debutant ball, or any other special occasion. You can use my code 'epinsta' for a whopping 30% off your Ever Pretty purchase!

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