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Rainbow Striped Set

I am happy. Just typing that makes me feel even more happy.

I've come a long way since the intense hardships in my life, and now I am content with the speed my life is going, where I'm going, and who I'm there with. I'm not saying that I will stop changing, growing, and evolving. I'm not finished with the opportunities, and potential left in my lifetime.

It is pure bliss to wake up knowing you're genuinely happy to go to work, and that what you've worked so hard for has paid off to ensure your first steps of adulthood were the best you could've had from where you came from.

To celebrate my realisation of happiness, my fiance and I spent the afternoon wandering around a nearby nature reserve. The world is too beautiful to ignore.

I of course wore the wonderful Black Milk Clothing set called Carnivale! You can get the Carnivale Flouncing Off top for $70AUD, and the Pocket Skater Carnivale Skirt for $65AUD.

I would like to thank Black Milk Clothing, who were one of my first collaborations as an Instagrammer, and who are still with me today as a sponsor. With the FTC cracking down on influencer marketing, I believe it's important that all influencers take the time to acknowledge their sponsors, and to be real with their followers.

You all are the reason we are in the situations that we're in. Thank you to all my followers who have supported me, and view my content. I am entirely grateful to be part of your lives.

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