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Colgate Optic White Stakes Day

Yesterday I attended the Colgate Optic White Stakes Day at Randwick Racecourse. I have had a wonderful experience as a Colgate Optic White Ambassador this year, and was so happy to meet all the wonderful winners of our Colgate Optic White Smile Ambassador competition.

While I did spend a majority of my time at the Oaks Lawn Marquee for the VIP party, I did sneak out three times with my fiancé to get free Nathan's hotdogs in general admission. (I believe it was the champagne that inspired this particular craving!)

Colgate Optic White sponsored the entire day at Randwick Racecourse, with every nook and cranny decorated in the company's colours of red, and white. There was an obvious glitz, and glamour to the day above what it normally expected of the luxurious nature of dressing up for a day at the races. My particular favourites was the mirrors adorned with lights on every table, and the wall covered in red, and white flowers at one end of our marquee.

The theme of the day was 'A Splash of Red'. I wore the Stand Close dress in Red, sponsored by the lovely Sanjana from Showpo, while my fiancé wore a custom suit and nicely added an Eldridge Knot for the extra dash of suave. Something I've always admired by Albon is his knack for putting together an elaborate tie before we have to go.

Once there, it was a star studded affair. Of course, the VIP marquee was hosted by the lovely Jennifer Hawkins - an Australian model, television presenter, and former Miss Universe Australia and Miss Universe of 2004.

I adored the fashion at the Colgate Optic White Stakes Day, with an obvious turnout of ladies in white lace. My favourite outfits were worn by the girl squad of Season 10 Australian Top Model Contestants who were posing by the Australian media in their matching all white summer couture.

Centre: Sam Burgess, Rugby League Player

The entire event was fabulous from start to finish. The champagne was overflowing, and the hors d'oeuvres was so mouth watering. I don't even know how many lamb ribs I had! Being at the event was a great opportunity to meet some amazing people, and I loved meeting the winner of the Colgate Optic White Smile Ambassador competition!

Other enjoyable moments was the Colgate Optic White Swing which was covered in red, and white roses. Sorry for the grainy photo! There is a cute gif of us courtesy of Social Playground, a company who provides digital experiences at events in Australia which I will post later on Snapchat.

I want to say a big thank you to the Colgate Optic White marketing team for choosing me to be an Colgate Optic White Ambassador, and for inviting myself, and my fiancé Albon to the Optic White Stakes Day.

I would also like to thank again Sanjana from Showpo, an Australian online women's fashion boutique for sponsoring my dress for the event. Showpo is a wonderful boutique started by the fabulous Jane Lu, who just announced the business has just hit a $25 million run rate! Show have continuously been a great sponsor, and I look forward to the future of our collaborations!

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