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New Years Eve in Bras n Things lingerie

The New Year is right around the corner with only a few hours left before we finally leave 2016 in the past.

It's been a general agreement among the masses that 2016 was a pretty terrible year that saw major losses in all fields of life. Despite it being the twenty-first century, we have all suffered a great deal. Yes there are those suffering more than us, and those suffering less than us. What we need to remember is that despite the severity, we are all facing our own problems, and are trying to deal with them in our own ways. So let's not make the New Year a contest of who has suffered more, but instead remember the great things in our lives this past year.

Here is to celebrating ourselves!

One thing I'm happy to be celebrating is my greater appreciation of my body. I have had to tackle body image issues, and am coming to terms with them through body positivity. Usually when I buy clothes or lingerie I ask my fiancé which item he prefers because I think it's good to care about the opinions of your partner. I won't take his word as the final word, but alway take it into consideration.

However when Bras n Things offered to send me a Christmas present from their Christmas collection I didn't ask him. This is my present, and it'll be what I want to wear.

Yes, that's a bit selfish but we all need to be once in a while. Without being happy with ourselves, and our choices we can't except ourselves to be happy with others, ad their choices. This is because our perception of others, and their actions are also a reflection of ourselves.

So as I was looking through the Bras n Things Christmas Collection I kept thinking if I wore this, how would I perceive myself?

A quick browse of the collection was immediately followed by my love of three sets. The first was the 'Snowflake'Push Up Bra' in Ivory, and the 'Snowflake Brazilian Knickers' in Ivory. I instantly fell in love with the corset sides, sheer sections, and overall lace that exuded femininity. But for the New Year? No, I needed something that was a bit more daring. The design made me want to wear it for my wedding because of how lovely it looked.

Next up was the Playboy BB XO set which comes with the 'Playboy BB XO Double Plunge Pushup Bra' in Black/Red, the 'Playboy BB Xo Mini V Knickers' in Black/Red, and the 'Playboy BB XO Suspender' in Black/Red. This set would make me feel like the ultimate femme fatale! I adore the lace front of the panties, the lace overlay back of the bra, and the adjustable ribbon suspenders. The detailing of this set is so beautiful, but it still feels like something I would wear for him not for me.

So what did I want? I wanted something that made me feel sexy, and comfortable in my skin. Something that I could eve were under my trackies while I walk Sookie, or under my work clothes and feel like I'm walking the red carpet, or better yet, slipping under silk sheets. You know how sexy you feel when you're wearing a matching set of lingerie under your clothes even if nobody would see it? That kind of set.

That's why I ended up choosing the 'Anais' set which is the 'Anais Plunge Double Push Up Bra' in Red, 'Anais Suspenders' in Red, and the 'Anais Brazilian Knickers' in Red.

Red is my ultimate favourite colour. It's bright, powerful, passionate, and exudes with the confidence that is not bound by gender stereotypes, age, or class. Red symbolises fire, love, destruction, and power. Red catches your eye, but also is linked to luxury, and dominance.

Red is my favourite colour to wear inside, and out!

The 'Anais' Set has double strapped sided knickers, is adorned with golden details, has Swarovski crystals, mesh sections, and has an air that says I'm who I am, take it or leave it.

So for 2017 when you see me looking confident, you can guess what I'm wearing!

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