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Our Sixth Anniversary

Yesterday I celebrated my sixth anniversary with the sunshine of my life, Albon Averion. Through all of our trials, and tribulations we have made it through the years to return to our favourite hotel: The Hilton.

Why we love The Hilton

Last year, on the 1st of February he proposed to me in a private suite within the Executive Lounge. It was the most heartfelt, and passionate gesture he’s ever done for me. First, under the guise of renting the space for a photoshoot for one of my collaborations, he played a video of his creation. One by one, a photo from every date we’ve ever taken was played before us above Sydney city, with the most memorable moments labelled - Date, and description of the moment.

There was of course our first kiss, our first date, our first dance, our first dinner, and then the last two slides read “1st of February 2016, when I asked you to marry me”. Oh, how the tears flowed!

He knelt down on one knee, and professed his loved. With an unbearable amount of tears in our eyes, he proposed, and with not a single ounce of doubt in my mind said yes.

So yes, The Hilton is our favourite hotel.

Our Anniversary

And this year was not a disappoint! We booked our usual suite: The Relaxation Suite with the upgrade for a larger bathtub overlooking the city. The room was spacious, and divided into three sections: the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom.

If you watched my Instagram, and Snapchat stories yesterday you would know that one of my favourite things about hotels is the enormous beds! It was welcomingly comfortable, with enough layers of white bed linens that one may confuse it for a blanket of fresh snowfall.

We even were greeted by a complimentary “Happy Anniversary” balloon, courtesy of the hotel which was a great surprise! After unpacking our clothes, we ventured off to buy our presents for each other. As we are both quite picky people when it comes to presents, we prefer to be in each others company when buying. I’m so grateful for the wonderful presents he bought me from Swarovski: a gold bracelet, and crystal earrings!

Later we had dinner at The Chophouse, a must-see New York style steakhouse in Sydney that specialises in Tomahawks. At a mind-blowing (and wallet crushing) 1.7kgs, Albon had always wanted to eat one, and he devoured it without even needing a break. After downing a bottle of complimentary champagne from the restaurant who knew it was our anniversary, we staggered to our uber.

Next we went to Event Cinemas to watch Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in Gold Class on George Street. Gold Class is our preferred method of watching new movie releases, and we’ve made a habit of going once a fortnight. While it is quite pricey ($41 a ticket), I like being able to recline in a huge, leather chair, order delicious meals, and not be disturbed by teenagers getting frisky in the back row (or children kicking my seat). Plus, if the movie is a drag, I’ll just sleep comfortably!

After the movie, we took a stroll back to our hotel under the moonlight. We ran a bath, popped in our favourite Bubble Bar from Lush called "the Comforter", enjoyed the city lights, and each others company.

To make the night even more special, I opened my Hendrick’s Gin from Agent 99 Public Relations. For the special occasion, they gifted me the Hendrick’s Gin Valentines Day Gift Box (RPP $69AUD) which had a bottle of gin, a red rose, a recipe book, and a cucumber! With only 500 in Australia, and being sold at Dan Murphy’s for eight days only, it was a great treat!

In the morning, we awoke to a full breakfast delivered to our door. French toast, bacon, omelettes, croissants, bagels, toast, cereal, coffee, and hot chocolate, my mouth just waters thinking about it!

All in all, it was an incredible day and I wouldn’t have spent it with anyone else than my loving partner.

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