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Evening Luxe for Less

Hallelujah! The fabulous ladies at Esther Boutique have released their Esther Luxe Collection which features numerous luxurious dresses, and accessories to ensure you have something stunning to wear.

Best part of all is none of the dresses break the bank!

Formal dresses can be pretty expensive. I should know, I've had to buy six evening gowns just for senior school formal events. Living in a fairly wealthy area, there was always an expectation of attending events in a beautiful dress.

God forbid you turned up in something you've already worn! It was constantly a race to buy the latest designs, but also a design that nobody else would be wearing. This pursuit to find a beautiful dress was pretty saddening for myself who is a fairly practical shopper. I remember buying a dress for $379, and complaining to my partner that I would only get to wear that dress once.

My point is that what's the point? There was so much money wasted on one time dresses for one time events. The more I earned my own money, the more I wanted to stop spending on frivolous clothes, and focus on versatile pieces.

NowI have Esther Boutique's Luxe Collection. They stock jaw dropping dresses that are affordable, and even have them side along with matching accessories!

For this Valentine's Day look, I choose to wear the Tulip Maxi Dress in Blush Pink.

For my accessories, I went to Lola Shoetique and paired it with the Light The Night sandals in mauve that are laced up in the front, have a cheeky peep toe, and a metallic gold heel for extra oomph! I also received this surprise "Contour the world in heels" pouch which I'll use to store my touch up makeup.

Now that you've seen my look, what would you pair this dress?

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