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Why he put a ring on it - from Michael Hill

In my relationship with my fiancé, jewellery has always held a special place. It was more than sparkly accessories to us. Each piece of jewellery he would gift to me had a strong sentimental value to it, and would mark an occasion.

Not only that, but we have a healthy mix of traditional, and modern aspects to our relationship. For example, when we told each other how we felt he courted me. Met my friends, met my family, discussed his intentions. We both believed that we would only enter a relationship knowing that we would either get marry, or it wouldn’t work. There has always been a trust of commitment between us that has been accentuated with the jewellery he had given me.

For example, he gave me a diamond promise ring less than one year into our relationship. As we were still in High School, he saved up a few weeks of his allowance from his parents, coupled with his birthday money to get me a simple, but elegant ring.

We took a walk by the nearby lake at sunset, and he told me he promised that his intentions were only good, and that one day he would marry me.

As our relationship developed, we would regularly look at engagement rings. We would visit Michael Hill as there was a store near our home, and would would discuss what rings we should get for our engagement someday, and our wedding.

Then, on our fifth anniversary last year he gave me a Michael Hill engagement ring! It was incredibly beautiful. It has diamonds across the band so every time light hits any angle of it, it sparkles!

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