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Peachy Keen Sweater Review with Inu-Inu

Sydney's weather has been so turbulent that I'm only starting to feel the cold now. Every morning feels like I'm waking up in the newest Ice Age, and every night begins with snuggling in my Koala mattress under layers of doonas.

As everyone shields themselves from the wind in long, black trench coats, I've teamed up with Inu-Inu to show you all two cute peach sweaters in their range!

I'll be sharing my honest impressions below with both sweaters - the Pink Hearts Sweater, and the No Matter What I'm Real Turtleneck. Let me know below which one is your favourite!

Firstly, I think they're both cute designs, and obviously so feminine! The Pink Hearts Sweater is true to colour but is quite thin, and fairly see-through. I don't recommend wearing it as a sweater due to how thin it is, but instead as a cute top then layered with a coat on top for warmth. If you are wearing it as a top, make sure you wear a light bra underneath as anything dark can be seen. I made the terrible mistake of wearing a black bra underneath as it was too dark in the early morning to see how see-through it was.

The sleeves of the Pink Hearts Sweater are baggy so I recommend buying a size smaller than you usually would unless you prefer a larger fit. I'm wearing the size small Pink Hearts Sweater yet it is still loose on me despite my chest.

Meanwhile the No Matter What I'm Real Turtleneck was so unbelievably adorable that I couldn't wait to wear it! It is thicker than the Pink Hearts Sweater so you can wear it by itself without a coat. Instead you can pair it with a beanie, gloves, and scarf for extra warmth.

The sleeves fit better than the Pink Hearts Sweater so I do recommend choosing your usual size when purchasing!

So which of these sweaters do you prefer?

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