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Gift Guide with Reebonz

As my 21st birthday is less than a month away, I am scouring the net trying to find pieces to add to my wishlist.

I’m not particularly a picky person in the general sense of the word but I can be quite difficult to shop for if you don’t know me very well. I don’t care much about the price tag, only the quality of a product.

What makes me difficult to shop for is that I don’t adhere to the same outfit style. I could dress completely gothic one day, and then wear pastels that very night. It’s not really about the style of the product, but how it interacts with other things in my wardrobe.

I like to think that I build my wardrobe by only getting pieces that already work with at least one other piece. I’m a fan of having versatile pieces, yet will also splurge on statement pieces.

So yes, I guess it’s pretty difficult to shop for me unless you understand that I either absolutely love something, or hate it entirely.

But when it comes it bags, you can’t really go wrong! My style in bags is always the same: block colours, medium to large sized, preferred gold or black zippers, no outrageous branding, and a nice interior pattern.

Reebonz is my favourite place to buy designer bags as they have amazing sales, and also do consignment for when you no longer want something!

Right now, Reebonz is having a Mothers Day sale where you can get up to 60% off, and get an extra 16% off if you buy two or more items!

Below are a few handbags that really caught my eye. If you don’t want to get your mum the same Hallmark-esque present last minute, treat her with a high quality bag from Reebonz.

*All the following prices are in Australian dollars, and Reebonx ships internationally!*

Discount: 49% off

Price: $290

Discount: 10%

Price: $328

Discount: 14%


Discount: 30%

Price: $640

Discount: 62%

Price: $443

Discount: 29%

PriceL $310

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