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Clear Frame Glasses: Yes or No?

​The clear glasses trend has been alive, and well received on Instagram!

From fashion bloggers, to teenagers flicking through magazines (wait, do they still do that?!), clear glasses has been added into the shopping cart of everyone online.

I personally, adore clear lenses not only because it’s tre chic but also because it protects my eyes! It’s strange because Autumn was one of the warmest we’ve had in Sydney, and then suddenly winter hit us. The entire week has been under 18 degrees celsius, windy, and deceptively cloudy. Walking through Hyde Park to get to work with the wind blowing the other way, has left my nose running, and eyes burning!

Clear lenses allow me to accessorise my outfit without going overkill and actually enjoy the sunny day. For this particular look, I’ve used the Hampton in Clear glasses by El Roy Eyewear, ‘Thanks For Being Cools’ Cap by Barney Cools, and this cardigan from Nude Lucy that unfortunately is no longer sold.

I love clear lenses so much that I've even teams dup with Zero UV for my trip to New York, and Los Angeles! I'll be showing you all my favourite glasses from their collections while letting you see my trip through my eyes.

Below are some of my favourite clear lenses on the market. Let me know which is your favourite glasses below in the comments!

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