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Summer Favourites: Leibish & Co Coloured Diamonds and Inglot Pigmented Eyeshadow

Yesterday was so blisteringly hot that I feared I would melt off my new IT Cosmetics CC Cream. I reached the perfect equilibrium as I walked from store to store with the warmth awaiting outside. This CC cream is my favourite formula as it's full coverage yet lightweight, has no smell, and has a smooth application. I worn it everyday I've been here in the US for easily 10+ hours without any streaking!

But I am loving Summer here in New York! It is now my second day in New York, and I have been basking in the gorgeous sunshine as I hit the sales on Fifth Avenue before I visit Leibish & Co.

In anticipation of the coloured diamonds at Leibish & Co, I wore three eyeshadow shades from the Inglot Freedom Systems Eyeshadow collection!

I try use the same eyeshadows for a season just so my photos have a consistent makeup look (read as: pretty lazy so stick to an everyday makeup look). I have been loving the look of combining shades 392, 303, and 355 from Inglot! The eyeshadows are beautifully pigmented, with 355 as my base, 303 for the main colour, and 302 as the inner crease. The colours are vibrant so I recommend using only a bit at a time to ensure you get the right amount you desire.

As you can guess, my favourite store I hit today was Leibish & Co on Fifth Avenue where I was invited to look over their vast collection! Leibish & Co sells jewellery with diamonds in over 90 different natural hues, all hand made in Israel, customisable, and sold exclusively online.

The entire experience was the upmost luxury! Sitting in their vault locked head office overlooking New York City, I sat by the marble table with over millions of dollars worth of diamonds at my fingertips. I was able to try on a large portion of their engagement ring designs, with prices starting from $5000, and reaching over $1 million.

​While the expeience was incredible, I did get a scare when Dani, the head of marketing, convinced me to put my arm out the skyscraper window with $1 million of blue diamonds on my fingertips to catch the suns rays on the diamonds! My heart was beating so fast because I was literally dangling someone's life savings over Fifth Avenue!

Maybe it was irrational fear (Dani was continuously reassuring me that it was okay even if I dropped any as there is insurance) but I still had a great time. What did you do today on this wonderful Summer day, or what eyeshadow shades are you currently obsessed with?

*This post has been sponsored by Inglot, and Leibish & Co*

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