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The Ultimate Little Red Dress And Why You Need One

I recently got amazing news at work that I am just DYING to share with you all in two weeks! To celebrate this amazing news, my fiancé is took me out on a special date so I needed to get dressed up. I had the time for the modern dating dilemma: Little Black Dress, Little White Dress, or leave him shook with the Little Red Dress?

For me, I prefer to wear the Little Red Dress or LRD for short. So I wore the Boutique Eva Corded Strappy Skater Dress from Boohoo Australia! I adored the loose lace skirt, the elastic straps, and the A line midi design.

Everyone loves to put the Little Black Dress, and Little White Dress on a pedestal as the go to date outfit. But have you ever worn a Little Red Dress?

The colour red is the embodiment of power, passion, sex appeal, destruction, strength, and the burning rage of a woman who now knows her own self-worth. While red is an colour that grabs attention, a woman in a LRD has a life mission to destroy the societal stigma that it is selfish to be a confident woman by showing the world she loves herself because she is worth loving.

So if someone tells you to not wear a Little Red Dress because it’ll grab people’s attention, tell them “good because I have something important to say”.

There is nothing wrong with loving who you are (faults and all). It would be a terrible crime to waste your time stuck in the predicament most women face of worrying if they’re “too loud” or “too bossy” in the way they act, or think.

Women who prefer to stun in the Little Red Dress are born-to-lead women who prefer to be a woman a man would need than a woman who needs a man!

Which Little Red Dress I've shown do you like the best? Comment down below!

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