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Afford Your Wedding With An Affordable Wedding Dress Under $179.95

The True Price Of A Wedding

The average wedding in Australia is expensive. Heck, everything in Australia is pretty expensive! When you’re a bride to be, trying to stay without budget is incredibly difficult.

In fact, in 2016 Easy Brides conducted the largest Australian wedding survey from 2300+ brides, and found out that:

  • The average desired budget was $20,913…

  • The average believed cost would be $24,932..

  • And the ACTUAL average final wedding cost was $30,985

Kinda makes you want to just get a certificate in town hall doesn’t it? I for one, don’t want to start the first day of my future as Mrs Averion on a bad financial footing so I’m planning a fairly simple wedding. It’s an important day, but financial stability for the long term is far more important than certain details most people won’t even remember.

There are many ways you can cut costs on your big day so you aren’t left with an even bigger debt. A quick scroll through the online world of wedding forums, and websites shows me that over 50% of people regret how much they spent on their wedding, and 82% of brides wish they could’ve changed their wedding!

The biggest spending regrets were:

Did you know that the average wedding dress is $2475 according to the Easy Weddings’ 2016 Annual Australian Wedding Survey? There is absolutely no way I will spend that much on my wedding dress.

Enter The Affordable Wedding Dress

In the end, it is a dress I will wear only one day of my life, and it will end up in a box in my wardrobe. Nobody will know just how expensive (or inexpensive) my dress will be. There are plenty of jaw dropping wedding dresses out there that are affordable. Don’t fear the rack, or the affordable price tag!

One such place you can buy an affordable wedding dress is Esther Boutique in Australia. A few months ago, Esther launched the Esther Luxe Bridal collection which stocks a several breath-taking yet affordable wedding dresses, and bridesmaids dresses!

All the dresses in the Esther Luxe Bridal collection are high quality, has modern silhouettes for a complimentary fit, and all the colour options work well together! Best of all, the entire range is under $179.95 so you won’t break your budget!

Two of my favourite wedding dresses from the Esther Luxe Bridal collection were the Freesia Strapless Lace Dress in ivory, and the Hyacinth Maxi Dress in Ivory.

The Freesia Strapless Lace Dress is a sexy mermaid fit dress, with a ruffled hemline, padded chest, and intricate lace design so all eyes will definitely be on you when you walk down the aisle!

Meanwhile the Hyacinth Maxi Dress in Ivory is perfect for the minimalistic bride as it is an over-the-shoulder dress with a simple slip design, lace bodice, open lace sleeves, and flowing design to allow a lot of air ventilation.

Below are some other beautiful wedding dresses that are sold from the Esther Luxe Bridal collection. Comment below which of the dresses featured in this post is your favourite! Or let me know how much you spent on your wedding dress, and if you regret it.

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