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MuLondon Cleanser and Moisturiser Review

My skin has never felt so soft, nor has it even felt this clean.

I’ve been changed you guys. Changed by using new organic skincare products from MuLondon. I was gifted these products for my bridesmaids, and myself but all the opinions stated in this blog post are 100% truthful.

This. Stuff. Works. Wonders.

What is MuLondon?

MuLondon was started by a man named Boris who was inspired by traditional herbalism from a young age. He worked on a biodynamic farm on the coast of the Baltic Sea where he developed eczema, and psoriasis based on numerous factors.

Instead of wanting to lather on steroid creams, he developed his own skincare range that is compatible for all skin types, and treated his conditions.

All MuLondon products are made of only pure, natural, and organic ingredients that contain no artificial additives, no artificial preservative, no emulsifiers, or artificial fragrances, and they are not tested on any animals! They’re even 100% vegan.

MuLondon is so heavily invested in creating something truly amazing for it’s customers, and for the Earth that they took the extra step to be certified by The Soil Association, 1% For the Planet, B Corporation, Vegan Society, Leaping Bunny, PETA, Viva!, Naturewatch, Green America, Vegetarian Society, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and Humane Company.

It’s really a brand you can trust, and want to support.

What did we receive?

I received five cleansers, and five moisturisers because I have four maid of honours! We all have different skin types so I ask them all to look on the website. The website was full of all the information needed to find the right mixture for each of us.

What did I think about the MuLondon products?

The Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary Foaming Cleanser was the most beautiful aroma I have ever had in a cleanser, and knowing that it is completely organic leaves me in awe of how beautiful nature is. The cleaner is self foaming, is a light consistency, and deeply penetrated my skin to remove all the impurities clogging up my pores. My skin was so clear, felt supple afterwards, and since the cleanser is free from SLSs and detergents, the cleanser gently cleaned my skin without leaving it dry as it didn’t remove my natural (and needed) oils.

The Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary Moisturiser was the epitome of a little goes a long way as the mixture is highly concentrated, and so powerful at nourishing skin. It comes in a fairly solid form but melts into a soft, butter consistency as you rub them between your fingers. The packaging recommends only using a pea sized amount, and I also agree that this amount is more Ethan enough!

The moisturiser is made with certified organic shea butter, coconut butter and golden jojoba oil that works amazing on dry or sensitive skin. My skin type is normal but as it is winter I chose this mixture as winter usually dries out my skin when it’s really windy outside. What I loved best is that the rosehip oil left my skin glowing, with a nice dewy finish!

What did the girls think about their MuLondon products?

It was all happy smiles across the board as every one of us loved how well the skincare worked on our own skin. All of these reactions are 100% real, and unprovoked by myself.

What do you think about these MuLondon products? Or what skincare brands/products have worked well for you? Let me know in the comments section below xx

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