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Verdem 'Cleopatra' Review - 24karat Gold Facial

On the weekend I had the most luxurious pampering session of my life! I visited Verdem in Sydney’s Queen Victory Building with Natalia who is one of my bridesmaid’s to get the Cleopatra Facial Treatment. Verdem provided us non-stop luxurious pampering with an attention to detail, a thorough explanation of all beneficial products, and the highest Customer Service that went above, and beyond our expectations.

So what is Verdem?

Verdem is a luxury skincare, and beauty destination located in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building where you can receive exclusive facial treatments. All the facial treatments provided use exclusive, high range products that contain natural ingredients for a botox type results without any injections, or harmful ingredients!

The owner, Magen Darel has a firm stance against penetrative, and harmful skincare treatments so he created Verdem the solution for excellent skin through opulent products.

What facial treatments does Verdem offer?

Verdem offers several treatments but they are well known for their Verdem Signature Treaments: The Venom, Cleopatra, Eclipse, Flawless, and Verdem Luxe. Each treatment uses natural minerals, and luxury skincare products to make your skin naturally glow!

Below is their price list, and a bit about each facial treatment.

I chose the Cleopatra treatment which is a 24 Karat Gold treatment that harnesses the beneficial properties of gold to reduce the signs of ageing, reduce puffiness, and deeply hydrate your skin without leaving an oily finish.

The Cleopatra facial treatment improves skin circulation, alleviates environmental damage. The treatment also contains black Dead Sea mud which boosts cell regeneration!

Why Gold?

Gold is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that assist reduce the signs of ageing.

How was my experience?

My experience was truly one beyond words. There are not enough flattering adjectives to describe how much I enjoyed the experience, how amazing my results were, and how informative yet hilarious Magen was during the whole treatment.

When Natalie, and I arrived in Verdem it was like walking into a luxury boutique. Away from the bustling foot traffic of QVB was this mecca of skincare. The store was brightly light with white lights, an extensive array of designer perfumes took the centre stage, with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of skincare products lined the walls like works of art. On the side were three large, white leather armchairs, and an assortment of magazines while we waited for our treatments to begin as we were a few minutes early.

The entire Verdem staff introduced themselves to us, offering chocolates, and taking selfies! Next Magen walked Natalie, my fiancé Albon, and I to the treatment room in the back to begin. Usually the treatments are for one person at a time but they graciously allowed me to bring my bridesmaid Natalie for a complimentary treatment as well, and my fiancé to film the experience!

As mentioned, Natalie, and I chose the 24karat gold treatment known as the Cleopatra treatment as it was good for sensitive skin, and who doesn’t want to be covered in gold?!

First Magen used milk cleanser to remove any contaminants on our face such as traces of makeup or dirt. Thankfully we decided to not wear any makeup there so it was quick! Next he applied a pearlescent vitamin C cleanser, and then a hot towel to open my pores.

Then he pulled out the Black Pearl 24k Gold Cleopatra Mask which is valued at $2000. He rubbed three generous dollops of 24karat gold across our faces, and left it there for 7 minutes to soak in. Afterwards Magen applied diamond masks under my eyes that contained hydrochloric acid, vitamin C, and diamond particles to reduce the puffiness of my eye bags, and reduce my dark under eye circles.

After the seven minutes were up Magen wrapped a magnet in a cloth, and waved it over my face to remove the metals in the mask which leaving only the pure gold! Having the magnet pull off all the impurities was a crazy feeling as you could actually FEEL them being lifted by the magnet. Almost a tickling feeling like hundreds of tiny strands being lifted one by one.

Next he removed the gold using a cleanser, and cloth then applied various skincare products that swept over me like a cool breeze! The products contained peptides that grow into a broken cell, and rebuild them. The finishing touch was a day cream infused with gold flakes for a glow that would last for days!

After the entire treatment, Magen even treated us to over $2,000 worth of skincare products for us to use, and invited me for more treatments!

Would I recommend Verdem?

I completely recommend anyone to come to Verdem for the red carpet skincare experience! They have an amazing range of facial treatments, extensive luxury beauty products available for purchase, the staff are the sweetest people you may ever meet, and they even sell gift certificates.

What do you think about the 24karat gold facial treatment, or what treatment would you want to try? Let me know down in the comments xx

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