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The Ultimate Christmas Stocking Fillers for Her

Whether you’re ready or not, Christmas is nearly here. Yes, there’s halloween decorations ready to be purchased in nearly every store but Christmas is the tsunami that we should all be worried about.

The season of giving. But you can’t give the wrong present. You can’t give a present that isn’t thoughtful because it shows you either don’t care enough, or you don’t know them enough. You need to get them something they need in their life but they just won’t buy it themselves, or they don’t even know they need it.

So what do you do when you have four other women in your group that you need to give a present to?

You make the most kick ass Christmas stockings!

I’ve scoped out some products that the amazing women in your life will happily get for Christmas but won’t empty your wallets.

‘Up In Lights’ Highlighter Kit by Designer Brands

The dazzling women in your life deserve to have that popping glow that will make onlookers need sunglasses! The ‘Up In Lights’ Highlighter Kit is a great dupe of the Anastias Beverly Hills Glow Kits yet only $14.99. The highlighters come in the shades Glimmer which is purple, Aurora which is golden, Lit which is peach, and Flicker which is a a frosted pink.The formula is extremely pigmented, and deserves a caution sign with how bright is glows.

‘Paparazzi’ 18 Shade Eyeshadow Palette by Designer Brands

Coming in at also $14.99 is the Paparazzi eyeshadow palette which is an incredible dupe of the coveted Hudabeauty eyeshadow palettes at a fraction of the price. This palette comes a mixture of light matte, dark matte, and warm shimmers so you can give the gift of the perfect eye makeup look.

'Power Lift' Superstar Eye Sheet Mask by Mirenesse

Getting the right eye beauty products is essential as the skin around your eyes is very sensitive. The newly launched Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Masks contain 18 potential extracts that thoroughly treat the signs of ageing like fine lines, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They also brighten the skin, and leave a healthy glow to your skin! By applying the formula directly to your skin, it quickly penetrates your skin to give you more youthful skin faster. You only need to have these on for about 10-30 minutes, and when used in combination with the Power Lift Superstar Eye Serum, it will significantly affect the signs of ageing in your skin!

Super Vitamin C Serum by MooGoo

First of all, I love MooGoo products because they don't test on animals, and all their products are actually safe to eat because they contain no harmful chemicals. It even says, you can eat the products (just don't, have a kitkat or something babe). I'm obsessed with Vitamin C serums especially during Summer because it helps solve hyper pigmentation, and reduce the signs of skin damage. This formula is extremely high concentrated so you can get maximum results with minimum product!

Cover-Up Buttercup SPF Natural Moisturiser by MooGoo

Ever get those expensive moisturisers that have only a bit of product in the bottle so you gotta buy heaps? Not with Moogoo. This moisturiser comes in a 200gram bottle, and contains clear zinc which is a natural protectant against UVA and UVb rays!

Full Cream Moisturiser by MooGoo

The cold of Winter really dries out my skin so I was thankful to experience the Full Cream Moisturiser as it deeply nourishes, and moisturises your skin. The moisturiser contains naturally fatty acids that, like milk baths, leaves your skin supple.

Cow Lick Lip Balm by MooGoo

Firstly, this cute little lip balm comes in a mini box that looks like a milk carton. As mentioned before, what makes MooGoo products great is that they use all natural ingredients that can be eaten. This includes the lip balm. Even if you're a chronic lip licker, this lip balm can be consumed, and reapplied happily to maintain your kissable lips!

Protein Shot Leave-In Conditioner by Moogoo

This leave-in conditioner doesn't contain silicon but milk protein. Silicon haircare leaves a false layer on your strands that makes them appear healthy, but isn't. Milk protein allows your hair to strengthen it's natural protection layer, soften the strands, and allow it to regain it's flexibility!

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