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Gruesome Review of Milky Foot Intensive Exfoliating Foot Pad

I’ve got a peeling, that I’ve found one of my new favourite beauty products: the Milky Foot Intensive Exfoliating Foot Pad!

What Is Milky Foot?

The Milky Foot Intensive Exfoliating Foot Pad is a patented sock that contains mandelic acid, AHA, milk ferment filtrate, and soothing herbal ingredients to thoroughly exfoliate your feet to leave them baby soft.

The plastic socks come in three sizes, and you put them on for 45-60 minutes so the formula soaks into your skin. This product has been around for some years now but it’s my first time trying it, and definitely won’t be the last as it’s made my feet unbelievably soft.

But everything good comes at a price.

The Results: Good or Bad?

You need to wait 1-2 weeks to gain the full results, and those 1-2 weeks will be some of the most disgusting weeks of your life. When they say it is an intensive exfoliating foot pad, they mean INTENSIVE in big, bold, screaming letters.

A layer or two of your skin on your entire foot will slowly, and gruesomely come off bit by bit over the 2 weeks. I have avoided wearing any open shoes, and can feel the dead skin slowly ball up in my shoes while at work.

To give you an idea of what it looks like, it’s as if you dunked your feet in PVC glue, waiting for it to dry, and then waited for each section to fall off.

Peeling Off Your Skin: Is it Painful?

The packaging warns you that your skin will be coming off, and not to exfoliate further. Probably so your entire foot doesn’t disappear completely. To help the process, I peeled off some of the skin that was already coming off. It doesn’t hurt at all, and you can see the clear difference between new, and old skin.

The feeling of it peeling is as if someone put a sticker on you, and then took it off gently. No pain whatsoever, except for the pain of knowing your literally peeling off your skin.

The Horror Show

I thought long, and hard if I actually wanted to share photos of my feet during this transformation period as (1) I hate feet in general (2) It looks as though I’m suffering from a tragic skin condition that literally is causing my skin to fall off (3) Seriously get your feet away from me.

To give you time to decide if you want to see this, I will put some of my favourite new beauty products along the way. Please note, the photo is only after DAY 2 so it just got worse from there...

My Opinion

It's a great product, and it gives you great results. I do recommend people try it once in a while but that you think hard about what your plans are for the next 2 weeks. Because it won't be wearing stilettos!

The results from using Milky Food are quite dramatic, and there are plenty of customer reviews online that show the before, and after using the product. It genuinely make your feet so much softer by removing that old layer of dead skin, while moisturising your skin.

Let me know what you think of this product below xx

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