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Crucial Things To Pack For Holidays

Packing for an overseas holiday can be quite a challenge.

You don’t want to pack too light that you have to worry about purchasing everything once you’re there. You also don’t want to pack too heavy that you bring too much, and have no allowance to purchase unique pieces you find.

But the worst thing would be to not pack the essentials for an overseas holiday. The pieces that are needed suddenly, and can make or break your time.

I’ll be going to Bali in one week so packing smart has been on my mind for some time now. Below are essential things I truly believe you’ll need if you’re going on an overseas, wherever you're going!

Travel Wallet

When you travel you will need to carry so many documents: your passport, ID, credit/debit card, copy of your passport, copy of your plane tickets, copy of your ID, cash, and hotel booking details. Don't leave these lying around, or in a chunky folder that's hard to carry! Having a stylish, yet practical travel wallet allows you to carry your documents on you at all times.

RFID Scanning Protector

One of my big fears when travelling is credit card theft, and/or identity theft. It's actually pretty simple for people to get your details since we leave a trail of it online, and there are easy to obtain apps, and devices. Just this year, one of the programmers at my workplace said he wanted to show me a neat trick. He opened an app on his phone, put it 30cm away from my iphone, and on his screen was then all my credit card details, and my last 10 transactions. How scary is that!

Having a credit card protector that protects your card details against illegal RFID scanning equipment is so important not just for travelling, but for general safety.

Buy: $12.95 RFID Credit Card Protector (3 Pack) by Terminal 2 | $29.95 Card Protector by Scan Blocker

Portable Charger

I could not live without my electronic devices especially as a blogger, and Social Media Manager for a brand. When you're travelling you need to always be contactable, and be able to contact others in case of emergency. I always carry a portable charger, and cable on me just in case. There are simple ones that can charge your normal items like your phone, and there's even portable chargers that can power up your car battery!

Microfibre Towel

Making the most of your time is essential during a holiday so you don't want to waste any time waiting for your hair to dry! Having a microfibre towel handy for your hair allows your hair to dry quickly, and is also useful for any accidental spills.

Buy: $19.99 Luxe Waffle Weave Hair Towel by Canningvale

Rose Spray

Plane rides are the worst. Who actually likes being stuck in a flying, metal coffin that contains about 100 people's farts?! There's turbulence, food is generally terrible, and your skin just feels gross being in a plane. I always pack a small bottle of rose spray when I fly as it hydrates my skin without leaving it sticky, refreshes my skin, and reduces any inflammation or redness! A quick spritz of this halfway in a plane ride, and before you land is a great way of alway to start a holiday.

Buy: $9 Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater by MARIO BADESCU | $22 Rose Hibiscus - Hydrating Face Mist by HERBIVORE BOTANICALS

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