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Greener Grass & 2018 Ambitions

New year resolutions are everywhere.

“I’ll drink more water….

….exercise daily

Quit this, quit that.”

But what’s my resolution to myself?

You make have seen it already if you follow me on Instagram. It’s to focus so much on making my grass greener that I don’t notice anyone else’s. To tend to my life in order to reap the results I wish to achieve.

I’m in that transitional point of my life, as most my age.

I’ve already graduated university, already working full-time, getting married this year, house hunting, and key words like “baby” have been floating out of people’s mouths in conversation. Ladies, I’m adulting, and it’s scary.

It’s been so difficult for me to really get my head around what I should really try accomplish this year as an adult - eeek! - because those around me aren’t in that same point in their lives.

You see, my friendship group is comprised of 10 people/5 couples that are generally a late 20’s/early 30's man, with early/mid 20’s female. We’re all in long term, committed relationships, with ambitious plans of babies, and marriage, and buying a home in this economy.

Even at my workplace, around 75% of the employees make six figure incomes, have a home, have a steady career, and having babies.

It’s difficult because what I see around me is also my life plans but the timing is different. Other factors are warping what I expect from the same input, to most likely result in a different output. Factors like age, work experience, relationship characteristics, and even physical appearance can completely warp the results of my life planning.

But I shouldn’t focus on what everyone is doing. I shouldn’t focus on how everyone else is doing. I need to care how they are, but how they are doing shouldn’t affect what I am doing to improve my life.

"The grass is greener where you water it"

I need to not compare the transition of my life to how others who have already settled. I’m only seeing the end of their transition, not the journey to that point.

This year is my journey, and it’s up to me to pave the future I want.

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