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Koala's Flippable Memory Foam Pillow Review

From the makers of the Koala Mattress is the Koala Pillow.

It's soft on one side, firm on the other, and both sides cool! Gone are the days you'll need to find a pillow that suits firmness loved by your noggin as this new pillow is flippable so everyone has a side.

What is the Koala flippable pillow made of?

Known for creating Australia's highest rated mattress on Product Review, Yotpo, and Google reviews, Koala has created the perfect companion to the Koala mattress made of 100% polyurethane cool gel infused foam.

By infusing cool gel throughout the memory foam (which is a type of polyurethane foam), it allows the pillow to always remain cool so you never need to long for the "cool side" of the pillow during hot nights.

The foam is CertiPUR-US® certified which means it meets CertiPUR-US® program standards for content, emissions and durability, and are analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. The foam used is low in VOCs (volatile organic compound) meaning that it does not release emissions that negatively impact indoor air quality.

Following Koala's stance on creating environmentally friendly products that are the highest quality for human usage, the Koala flippable pillow is made without ozone depleting substances, mercury, lead, heavy metals or formaldehyde.

How is the Koala pillow flippable?

The secret to how it is flippable is in it's simple, but ingenious design.

Originally priced at $120 per pillow (now $150), there are conical ventilation holes that go through both sides of the pillow which allow the pillow to be cool, and give variation in firmness. On one side is the larger hole results in a softer firmness, and provides a lower profile when applied with pressure as the pillow compresses more. The other side has medium sized holes that provides a firmer feel, and a high profile as the pillow compresses less.

To make it easy to tell which side is which without the press test, there is a handy firmness indicator label on the cover so you know which is the firm side (F), and which is the soft side (S).

The Koala pillow is also designed with a contour so you get the same amount of support no matter which way you lay!

The Luxurious Koala TENCEL Cover

As B Corp certified company, and a member of Canopy, an organisation dedicating to reducing businesses carbon footprint, all of Koala's textiles are made of TENCEL.

TENCEL is created using eucalyptus fibres, and is considered the world's most sustainable fabric as the process uses 99% recyclable solvents, has no harmful chemicals used, uses little water to be produced, and is completable biodegradable. It's also antimicrobial, moisture wicking (so it doesn't absorb moisture), smoother than silk, and more durable than cotton!

The cover of the pillow is removable, and machine wash safe!

The Keepsake Box

With an amazing in-house team of product designers, and the environment always at heart, Koala's packaging for the flippable pillow is one to keep. The box is intended to be a storage box for your pillow.

Around the size of a luggage bag, the famous Koala blue packaging opens to the sound of a sweet lullaby to get you ready for a nap, snuggle, or a long overdue sleep. On the side is the bedroom hashtag for Koala #sleepwithkoala which customers are encouraged to use.

The sheer plastic case the pillow is covered in within the box is also recyclable, with a helpful reminder to recycle your packaging.

The 120 Night Trial

Like all of Koala’s products, the pillow comes with a 120 night trial. This means you pay for the pillow, and get to trial it at home for up to 120 nights to see if it’s the right fit for you. If it’s not you just email them at, they send you a short survey to understand why you are returning it, and then they provide you the prepaid return address, and you get a full refund!

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