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Bride Tribe Beauty Sleep Kit

As I sit here writing this, I have 55 days until my wedding. Everything is booked, paid for, and I'm ready for my big day. I now have the time to indulge in the smaller things in the lead up to the wedding that aren't that important but make the experience even more magical - without the fairytale price tag!

I've teamed with up the boss babes at Colette by Colette Hayman to make the ultimate beauty sleep kit for your bride tribe! Basically being my fairy god parents, they've created a new range of stunning bridal, and bride tribe pieces that make all your dreams come true in the pinkest tone possible.

Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is completely dependent on getting a good night sleep! Along with my Koala mattresses for us to sleep on (I have 3 queens, and one king for a house full of happy Koalas), all my bride tribe has the pink “Bridal Eyemask” that says “maid of honour”.

For a good night sleep you need to stop using technology at least an hour before bed, stop drinking two hours before bed, and remove as many distractions so you can go through your sleep cycles for your body to rest.

Dress the part

For all the priming, and prepping I want my ladies to do it in style! Each has a pink "maid of honour bridal party robe" to complement my white "bride bridal party robe"!

Organisation is key

During my “ultimate bridesmaid invitation boxes” I did last year I gave all my ladies heaps of makeup, skincare, and general beauty products. What better way to store them than in the gorgeously designed "Maid of Honour beauty cases"?! With plenty of space for storage, and a design beautiful enough to put on show, it’s the perfect case for all their beauty products.

Have fun with it

When all is said, and done, the lead up to your wedding is supposed to be a happy, and exciting journey. Make the most of it!

Their "Wedding Photo Booth Pack" is the perfect cardboard cut outs of Miss to Mrs bits, and bobs to take the cutest selfie with your bride tribe!

This has been sponsored by Colette by Colette Hayman. All opinions stated are my own. You can use BUNNY30 for 30% off full priced items at

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