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Antipodes Skincare Review

Your skin is your largest organ so the skincare products you use should do that: care for your skin.

I recently discovered Antipodes which is a fully certified organic skincare brands from New Zealand. All their ingredients are 100% natural, and have been grown without chemical pesticides and fertilisers because they believe removing chemical contamination in production is kindest to the Earth.

I’ve trying their Baptise H2O Ultra Hydrating Water Gel in my skincare routine which is made of hyaluronic acid, and infused with New Zealand’s famous Manuka honey. This product is said to moisturise, and hydrate your skin while boosting cell turnover, firming, and protecting the skin.

Meanwhile the gentle Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream can be pat around the eyes to moisturise, and remove fine lines for that youthful glow. Clinical studies boast that the eye gel boots collagen by 82%!

Most days I don’t wear any makeup except for brow pencil, and light lipstick or tinted lipgloss for some colour. The Moisture Boost Vegetarian Lipstick in in shade South Pacific Coral is so creamy, and smooth to apply for just the right pop of colour!


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