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Black Corset Top for Big Busts

I've started wearing black clothes which I normally stayed away from. I used to always wear bright colours, pastels or warm neutrals.

Black felt boring to me. Black was what people wore to funerals, and corporate jobs.

But black is bold.

Even throughout our home we chose black accents.

The outfit I'm wearing is from Femme Luxe Finery which is a UK based, women's fashion store.

The joggers are actually from their Marissa loungewear set. It has a baggy fit, is high waisted, and has a ribbon for the drawstring which is so cute!

The top is the Rey blouse which is a black, cut out top with mesh sleeves, and a corset bodice. It's a gorgeous fit crop top, and even fits big busted girls like me (double d's).

It's pretty difficult to find corsets that suit bigger busts that are still pretty, and fits nice. Sometimes I feel like that companies make bras, and corsets plainer for bigger busts so I absolutely loved finding this gorgeous corset!


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