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Does the Koala Tv Unit suit big tvs?

Scattered around our house is an array of vibrantly green plants. Why? Studies have shown that plants elevate your mood, and improve air quality within the home.

One of the highest concentrations of plants is on our tv unit. We first had the Koala Tv Unit (pictured) but swapped it out for the Ikea Besta Tv Bench. Continue reading to find out why!

Why did we initially get the Koala Tv Unit?

Firstly, the Koala Tv Unit won the 2020 Good Design Award in the Product Furniture & Lighting category so it’s an award winning piece to have in the house.

It’s also made of PEFC certified wood which means it has been subject to independently verified standards of responsible forest management, and assurance of a sustainable supply chain.

Lastly, a majority of our home furniture is light wood so it matches the home.

What’s the Koala Tv Unit made of?

Their eucalyptus wood is grown in France, Portugal and Spain in PEFC certified forests. As it’s not treated with any varnish or colouring, it retains its natural veneer so each tv unit may have slight differences in colouring, and pattern.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, but it needs to be cleaned immediately. Any spills must be wiped away with a soft, dry cloth as some liquids can discolour the natural, eucalyptus veneer. If you are going to use soap, use a very mild soap like Windex directly onto the cloth, and then wipe in circular motions at the stubborn stain.

Why we swapped to the Ikea Besta Tv Bench?

All the tv’s in our home are either 65 inch, or 75 inch. The Koala Tv Unit is quite small, and I think it would look better with a tv that’s 55 inches or smaller either wise you’ll have the same dwarfing effect. So now we moved it to one of our spare bedrooms as just a storage unit with one of our 65 inch tvs on top.

We also preferred the all white look of the Besta as it brought out the colour of the plants more, and enabled our other wooden furniture to be the focus of the room.

The Besta will also better match our En Gold Arena coffee table which is made of fossils stone from the Philippines (our native country!).

I’ll share photos of our new living room set up with the Besta Tv Unit once the En Gold Arena coffee table arrives from Melbourne!

All photos shown have been taken by my talent husband Albon Averion.


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