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How I bought a dress for a funeral

I was looking for a dress for a funeral today, and my husband tried to convince me to buy a bunch of dresses that were alright but I wasn’t in love with how they looked.

My husband said, "What’s the problem? It’s only one day".

But the more I learn about the effect of fast fashion on our environment, the more I invest in buying from brands who have sustainable processes and if I need to buy fast fashion because I genuinely like the design, I only buy items that I really love, that I know I will wear multiple times, and will withstand a lot of use.

Honestly, there was nothing that wrong with those dresses. They were fine dresses for any person to wear. But for me I kept thinking to myself...

Would I honestly wear this again?

Do I have things that already go together with it?

Do I honestly need this in my life?

Will it last a long time or get shredded in the wash, or thin out from washing?

Is this worth my money?

Am I only wanting to buy this because of a sense of urgency, or a sale?

I don't want more things to have more things. I want more of the right things even if it means having less things. So really I should keep asking myself those questions before any purchase.

So instead I bought this dress from Dotti called "Take Me Out Skater Dress".

And I love it x


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