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Laundry day with Lounge Underwear

It's laundry day in the Averion household for all light fabrics. Like most in Australia, I've been lounging in grey sweatpants while the stage 3 lockdown has been in place but there's no daggy underwear in this household!

To me, wearing lingerie makes me feel sexy no matter if it's underneath my work clothes, or I'm wearing it in the bedroom. Just like putting on a suit for a meeting, putting on lingerie makes me feel confident, and love my body.

I always thought it was odd for people to have daggy, old underwear reserved for their period, or laundry day. When underwear becomes loose, ripped, the elastic giving out, and colour is fading it's time to take it to your nearest textile recycling plant (clean).

I've recently started getting Lounge Underwear because of how sexy the designs are yet incredibly comfortable so you can lounge around your home like the goddess you are.

I've paired the White Mesh Balcony Thong & Bra with my grey sweats for a mixture of sexy but not trying to hard at home chicness.

I'm wearing a size 32DD with M/AU10, and the set is perfect! I love that it has a soft udnerwire so it doesn't stab at your sides but gives a bit of support. Plus the sheer mesh design is the perfect, sexy covering, and the reoccuring Lounge logo giving off the classic loungewear design dominating the loungewear industry today!


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