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Living Room Update with PhotoWall

We've been working a lot on our home the past few months due to the birth of our son, and all the extra time available while I'm on maternity leave. I've kept to a Scandinavian colour palette, and loved incorporating natural woods, real stonework, and natural lighting, and made the pops of colour through the plants scattered across the home.

Our focus the last few weeks has been our living room. We've gotten a new rug from Miss Amara called the Nyla Cream Tribal Shag rug in the size 300x400cm. It's incredibly soft, and is a warm white that looks beautiful especially in the sunshine.

The artworks are A1 sized in Kmart frames, and are from PhotoWall!

PhotoWall is a quick, easy, and convenient place to find thousands of unique artworks at affordable prices.

The artworks are called Watercolour Shapes in Beige, and left to right are here, here, and here. The size I picked was 60 x 80 cm which was the closest to A1 frames on the site, and just required a slight fold to centre it in the frame.


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