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Monochrome, minimalist bathroom essentials

Our house has 2 bathrooms: one master bathroom suite, and a main bathroom for guests.

When designing our home we opted for the “luxury minimalist” aesthetic. Open spaces, muted colour palette, and curated pieces that would be timeless, and are high quality. As a young couple with no kids but a dog, we considered how each room, and it’s pieces would be used when we someday have kids, and bring in more pets.

Our bathroom design

Both bathrooms are similar with large white marble tiles, white walls, black faucets, black showers, and greenery to cleanse the air.

The shower has a recessed shelf, otherwise known as a built in shelf, for our soaps.

Our candles, diffusers, and toiletries also follow the black, and white aesthetic.

When we step into our bathrooms we wanted a feeling of relaxation to wash over us. Clean, bright, and no mess in sight.

Below are some of our essential pieces in our bathrooms:

Statement floor mat

A good statement mat can make a big difference to your bathroom by providing more insight into your personality, and design style. We have a number of bath mats but our main bathroom has this WACKO MARIA bath mat that we purchased in a high end streetwear store while on holiday in the Philippines in 2020. It’s no longer available for retail value but it’s been a great design piece as we always get questions what WACKO MARIA means (especially from guests named Maria).

Unforgettable hand wash and lotion

I absolutely love using Aesop hand soaps, and lotion because of the flattering scent that lingers on your skin like a good perfume.

A relaxing candle

Once upon a time I was a teenager, and now I collect nice candles, and have an air fryer. If you know me you’ll know I own (and use) a lot of candles). If you know me very well, you’ll know my favourite candle scent is salted caramel for the rest of the house. And if you’re my husband, you’ll know my favourite candle for the bedroom.

The bathrooms have a completely aroma palette to the rest of the house due to the mindset when you take a bath or shower.

After a long day, a relaxing scented candle is sometimes all you need to unwind.

Reusable products

We strive to be a low waste household, and one measure you can take in the bathroom is to use reusable application, and removal products.

I’ve been a big fan of Face Halo for years so you’ll find their products in our bathrooms (and in gifts during Christmas time). I love them because they’re an eco-friendly makeup remover pad that can be reused 500 times. I use the Face Halo pro to remove my BB cream, and the eye makeup precision tool around my eyes as it’s a sensitive area. I put these makeup removers in the drawers by the sink for easy access. However, the body exfoliator is kept by the bath tub.


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