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Non-daggy outfit to walk your dog

I read a meme that goes something like "nobody has seen you at your worse more than the attendant at your local petrol station, or those who see you when you walk your dog".

It's pretty true.

My dog is a tiny Pomeranian who views the walk around the block like she endured a marathon. She's not even overweight. She's just really, really small.

But this was hot girl summer so I stepped up my game, joined martial arts classes, and regular strength, and HIIT workouts. So for the past few weeks I've been walking Sookie in my new workout sets, and some more casual but stylish athleisure wear.

Since my favourite colour is pink (shocker) I was ecstatic to find these cute pieces from Femme Luxe Finery. These light pink sweatpants, also known as joggers to some countries, are unbelievably comfortable. Warning, the fabric is quite thick so I'd only recommend wearing these on colder days as it keeps the warmth in. But perfect for cold, and windy days!

As it was a cool but not cold day in Sydney, I opted to pair the sweatpants with a rose coloured, one shoulder crop top. Unlike the sweatpants, this crop top is quite thin but not see-through so you will most likely only wear this in the Spring, and Summertime.

The crop top isn't stretchy so I would recommend going a size up if you are going to wear a bra underneath like I did.


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