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Sofa Bed In A Box: Absolute Furniture 2022 Review

A good sofa bed can be hard to find but when you invest in the right product, you have a convenient, and comfortable, dual function piece of furniture that’ll last for years.

How was the Absolute Furniture sofa bed designed?

This sofa bed has a timeliness, contemporary design that is suitable for every home. As of writing this article, it currently comes in 6 colours, and I chose the brown version. Based on the photo on the website, and the product I’ve received, the colours shown are true unlike the Koala Modern Sofa which I stated was deceptively darker, and more grey than the pictures they use on their website.

As a sofa, it is wide enough for 3 people to sit comfortable without limbs touching (or you know, you can have a cute cuddle on the sofa).

The product is extremely comfortable as both a sofa, and a sofa bed. Like all sofa beds, the foam used must be at least a medium firm to withstand the wear of daily use, and remain form as a seat when all the pressure is applied in one spot as opposed to beds where the weight of the person is applied over a much larger surface.

The covers are all made of 100% breathable polyester which is a long lasting fabric that can withstand daily usage, and the frames are made of metal. Whether sitting or laying down, you can’t feel the metal frames so there’s no uncomfortable spots on this sofa bed!

The legs are made of a high quality plastic that has a dark wooden “wenge” pattern.

As the ultimate space saver, there are 2 storage spaces located underneath the seats of the sofa bed. They can be easily accessed by simply lifting the top part of the seat, and can comfortably fit 4 standard cushions in each storage section. In my picture, I’ve placed a European sized pillow.

The legs are made from the high quality plastic with the dark wooden “venge” pattern.

How do you open the Absolute Furniture sofa bed?

To adjust it to the sofa bed form, just open the seat cushion to pull out the additional leg, and expand it until the sofa bed is completely flat, and locks into place.

Where is the Absolute Furniture sofa bed in a box manufactured?

While an Australian owned company, the sofa beds are manufactured overseas like most furniture companies in Australia.

The Absolute Furniture sofa bed is manufactured in Turkey by Bellona Furniture who manufacture all sorts of furniture, and export to the number of countries since 1997.

Bellona Furniture has a high reputation in the furniture industry due to their decades long experience, and have over 55 stores across 5 continents.

How is the Absolute Furniture sofa bed delivered, and how fast is delivery?

The sofa bed comes delivered in a single box that is 107cm x 52 cm x 93cm, and weighs 60kgs with all the packaging therefore requires two people to move it into the space. Once unpacked, and assembled, the sofa bed will weigh 53kgs.

Ordering the sofa bed is quick, and seamless. Once ordered, they dispatch your order within 3 business days from their warehouse in the Gold Coast, Queensland. It is delivered through the Toll delivery company within 2 to 10 business days across Australia.

We ordered our sofa bed on the 7th of January, and it was delivered to our home in Sydney on the 11th of January.

Is the Absolute Furniture sofa bed easy to assemble?

It’s so easy, and simple but does require 2 people to assemble due to its size. I’m currently 7, and a half months pregnant so my husband built this by himself as I can’t lift heavy weights. So I just passed the screws, and held the arm rests in place. Very simple to assemble!

The sofa bed comes in 9 pieces with 12 screws that require a screwdriver to attach. The seat, and backrest are already combined so you just need to unfold it (it’s in half), slot in the arm rests, screw in the four legs with 3 screws each, and place the 2 matching pillows.

While this is a sofa bed in a box, only the 2 display cushions come in an airtight, plastic seal like a mattress in a box so there is minimal plastic in the packaging.

What size is the Absolute Furniture sofa bed?

When in the bed form, the Absolute sofa bed is closest to an Australian double mattress which are typically 137 cm x 187 cm.

Dimensions of this sofa bed are:

Box size: Width: 107cm Height: 52cm Depth: 93cm

Sofa size: Width: 201cm Height: 79cm Depth: 84cm

Bed size: Width: 180cm Height: 52cm Depth: 107cm

How easily can the sofa bed be taken apart?

The sofa bed was quick, and simple to assemble, and is extremely sturdy. If you did want to disassemble it, perhaps for storage or when moving home, you just need to unscrew the legs off, unslot the armrests, and fold the seating in half.

Are the covers removable?

The sofa covers aren’t but the display cushion covers are removable. The fabric is spill resistant but if you need to clean the sofa covers you can use a soft cloth in mild deterrent with cold water, and lightly rub at the spill in circular motions. Once removed, allow the sofa bed to completely dry before covering it with any throw blankets or cushions.

To clean the pillow covers, it’s recommended to wash in on a cold cycle, and air dry.

Disclaimer: I have been sponsored by this brand. I may receive monetary compensation for all sales generated through the links within this article. All opinions stated are my own.


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