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Design.Online Smart Sofa Review 2021

Looking for a modular sofa that’s easy to assemble, and is secretly a sofa bed? Found it! Plus it's eco friendly.

Who is Design.Online?

Design.Online was founded in 2019, and is the sub brand of popular furniture store King Living. They were founded after King Living ran a research program focusing on eliminating waste, and the reuse of production offcuts to create new materials.

To ensure the sustainable practises are continued, and optimised, Design.Online owns their entire manufacturing chain from design to manufacturing. By doing so, Design.Online is able to ensure quality control, and that they’re using the only the best products in the right ways.

What does the Design.Online Smart Sofa feel like?

Extremely comfortable! The cushions are soft yet supportive so you kinda sink into them instead of being “on” it. The fabrics are soft to touch, and don’t have that gross plastic sound that some brands have due to using less premium materials.

What is the Design.Online Smart Sofa made of?

The sofa is built to withstand daily life but also be good for the environment. In fact, they state that 99% of the materials used are recyclable.

The fabrics are made of repurposed materials that are recyclable, and reusable. Meanwhile the sofa frame , including the ‘Uniflex’ suspension system, is made of high grade steel that provides ideal support throughout the cushions.

The fabric is called their “Maxx” fabric which is colour fast, machine washable (great for life’s spills), durable, and yet oh so comfortable.

While we haven’t had a spill on it yet (I’m eyeing you glass of wine), Design.Online states that the Smart Sofa has been tested to be resistant against soils, and liquid spills.

Lastly, the foams used are a mixture of high quality recycled, and reconstituted foam that are tested to be free of ozone depleting substances, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.

Is the Design.Online Smart Sofa colourfast?

Yes, the Smart Sofa is colour fast which means it is a dyed fabric that will not fade or have the dye run. This is a great quality for sofas because non colourfast fabrics have to be kept out of direct sunlight, and when spot cleaning spills over time will result in the colour fading. By having colourfast covers, the Design.Online Smart Sofa can be the comfortable focal point in any room of your house, and you’ll enjoy the warm sunshine.

Was the Smart sofa easy to assemble?

Yes, there are not any screws, or tools required to build it except your own capable hands!

The feet easily slot in, and the seats, and backrests join together through steel poles.

How quick is delivery, and is it free?

Design.Online provides free 3-hour delivery only within Sydney Metropolitan for now, complete with tracking. They hope to expand this service nationally in the near future. As with other furniture stores that offer free same day delivery, warehouses close at 3pm so I recommend ordering before 2pm so you can be included in the 1-5pm or 5-7pm delivery windows for couriers.

Is the Design.Online Smart Sofa convertible into a sofa bed?

Yes, with your sofa you’ll receive additional joints which allows you to transform the backrest into 3 positions: upright seated, relaxed/at an angle, and bed (flat aligned with the seat). This is a quick, and simple option that’s great if you live to watch movies in the living room, or need additional options for guests

Is the Design.Online Smart Sofa easy to clean?

Yes, as it made of stain resistant materials, you can spot clean the covers using warm water, and a non abrasive detergent. Make your soft fabric lightly damp with the mixture, and rub the stain in circular motions, and let it air dry.

For larger stains or spills you can remove the cover, and machine wash the cover on a cold wash setting, and let it air dry.

Can I remove the Design.Online Smart sofa covers?

Yes, the covers are velcored on so they are easily removable, including the cushion around the base. This means you can easily clean the entire sofa, and even switch to other cover options for a seasonal refresh of the room!

How much packaging does the Smart Sofa come in?

Each seat including the feet, and cushions come individually packaged in a cardboard box. Design.Online state that the boxes are made entirely of recycled cardboard, and the ink is water based.

How long is the Design.Online Smart Sofa trial, and warranty?

The sofa has a 14 day trial window for free turns. The steel frame is built to last so comes with 15 years warranty, and all other pieces come with 6 year warranty.

If you return your sofa, it is donated to a local charity partner (likely Givit which is used by many furniture stores) to give to people in need.

Is the Design.Online Smart Sofa worth the cost?

The 5 seater (4 seater pictured here) is normally priced at $2,464, and was on sale for $1,598 during the writing of this post (July 2021). I believe both prices are a reasonable cost especially when taking into account the free delivery, not needing to wait 16 weeks like with some brick and mortar stores, 6 year warranty on the seats, steel frame (much more expensive to manufacture than a wooden frame like with cheaper brands) and the fact that the materials used are repurposed, and 99% recyclable. If you’re looking for a friendly friendly sofa that can withstand the daily wear, and tear, and won’t negatively affect the plant, the Design.Online Smart sofa is the perfect choice.

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