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The perfect sweater for warm skin tones

I have a natural warm skin tone so I love wearing cream coloured sweaters as it pairs well. Below I'll share my favourite cream sweater for this winter season, and how to determine what coloured sweater best compliments your skin tone.

How to see if you have a warm, cool or neutral skin tone

Figuring out if you have a warm, cool, or neutral skin tone is great so you can get better results picking new hair colours, and outfits!

As discussed in my blog post why licking your lips is bad for you:

"Your skin has three separate layers which are the stratum corneum (the protective layer), the epidermis (layer of skin underneath that produces new cells), and the dermis (contains melanocytes which produces melanin that gives skin its colour)."

You can see if which type of skin tone you are with three simple tests:

  1. Look at your veins. If they're greenish you have warm toned skin, blue or purpleish veins means you have cool skin, and if you can't really see your veins or they match your skin colour it means you have neutral skin tones.

  2. What happens when you go into the sun for a long period of time? Warm toned skin tans easily, and cool toned skin burns easier.

  3. Hold a piece of paper to your skin. Does it look more yellow or pink compared to the sheet of white?

Or of course, ask your aesthetician or beauty expert!

What colours look best on warm toned skin?

Warm toned skin is complimented best with warm versions of different colours.

When picking out jewellery, gold looks best! I have always been attracted to wearing gold jewellery, and never thought silver looked good against my skin as it made it look dull.

For clothing, you can wear vibrant, and warm colours like red, orange, mustard, peach, pink. but if you're going for the neutral vibe during winter like me, go for something off white like a cream!

My favourite cream sweater

I'm so excited that the weather is getting colder so I can wear this "Roll Neck Balloon Sleeve Knitted Sweater" from Boohoo. The roll turtleneck keeps me warm, and cosy, and the balloon sleeves give that added flare to an outfit!


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