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'Drop Of Us' Launch Party

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the

Drop of Us launch party in Surry Hills! ​

The atmosphere was infused with the giddiness from the sweet concoction of apple, goji berry, and pomegranate cider courtesy of Vivid Cider.

I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of Drop Of Us, and their esteemed backers who have worked so hard to make this brand a reality.


The ladies were all so excited that their dream was now adorning wooden clothes hangers across the room that was filled with Sydney's fashion influencers, friends, and families.

Their collection was a mixture of navy, beige, black, rust, camel, and white. Staple colours of any fashionable woman who believes in versatility of her clothing.

The stand out piece was definitely the camel cape, with a single slit on one side, and bronze buttons down the front. I can imagine myself wearing this during the coldest day in Sydney's winter and feeling not an ounce of cold, but a ton of style.

Metallics also made an appearance, with an entire wall dedicated to metallic midi skirts in various colours, all looking like the belonged on stage.

I'd like to thank the Drop Of Us ladies who are proving that women who believe in the value of fashion can influence others positively by provide them clothes they actually want to wear.

"A DROPOFUS girl never thinks too hard about what she wants to wear, she loves effortless, healthy,and lasting fashion and lifestyle."

Find them at

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