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Belle de Fleurs

It was a godsend to see a beautiful pink bouquet of roses at my doorstep from Belle de Fleurs.

Every time I receive flowers, it brings a genuine smile to my face. Skeptics may think that flowers are a standard, cliched present to give, but it's not true.

When someone takes time to go out, choose some beautiful flowers, and have it sent to you, it's so intimate. Just think about it, what you're given is more than flowers in a box.

Someone spent a considerable amount of time, money, energy, and love into growing and caring for the plant until the flowers blossomed. Someone picked those flowers carefully to ensure the integrity of the bloom and stem was maintained. Someone arranged them into a box and removed anything that would ruin the aesthetic of the bouquet. Someone ordered them for you. Someone delivered it to you.

So much love has gone into that present so I am so thankful to the beautiful staff at Belle de Fleurs for these beautiful flowers that are now perched in my kitchen.

Their floral experts use only premium grade Colombian/Equadorian roses which are sourced from the world’s leading rose farms in South America for the upmost quality bouquets.

The roses come in a pure white, circular box with a convenient ribbon handle that surprisingly was strong enough to hold up the dozen. As the cherry on top, there is a beautiful hand written note attached on their card which reads in a light font, Belle de Fleurs.

If you love what you see, and you live in Sydney, you can order online at:

Contact them at:

Phone: 0450805991


And follow them on Instagram:

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