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Serengetee Haul

Who is Serengetee?

Serengetee is an innovative clothing company based in the US who supplies passion-filled apparel and accessories made from fabrics from 25 different countries. They travel around the world to meet with local artisans, and understand the culture, and communities that helped weave together each fabric.

Serengetee buys directly from the artisans which reduces costs of intermediaries, and helps support the artisans, their families, and the local economy. A lot of the fabric patterns are woven, and made with ancient fabric making traditions. Each fabric comes with it's own story, and has been influenced by the unique cultures that developed their artisan's craft.

Best of all, 10% of their profits go back to the communities they purchased the fabrics from!

For example, one particular fabric from the northern villages in Manila, Philippines is rare, and woven by traditional weavers. The profits from their sale are reinvested into Stiftung Solar who offers off-grid communities access to solar energy.

Serengetee also has a wonderful Influencer Program, where high school students, and US college students can become reps to spread the good vibes.


The products were all high quality. I received no items with any tearing, discolouration, or any faults in the stitching. The colours all match up with the colours shown on their websites. The shirt was a little big, probably because I asked for a size small, but in american sizing I'm an XS as I'm short.

The both clutches were definitely a dream in terms of vibrancy, and functionality. Both were big enough to fit my Michael Kors wallet, phone, lipstick, tissues, and standard baby wipes. So that's a whole lot of space!

If you want to apply to be a college rep, click here

If you want to apply to be a high school rep, click here

But if you just want to buy some cool gear from a company that cares, click here to visit their website!

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