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No more tangled Earphones: Sudio Sweden Review

As promised earlier on my Instagram, today I will be doing a review of the Sudio Sweden 'Vasa' earphones.

Who is Sudio Sweden?

They were named after Phil Collin's song "Sussudio". One time long ago, one of the innovative founders of Sudio Sweden spotted none other than musical genius Phil Collins struggling with his headphones. The founder simple said "Trust me, I know the feeling", and that began the pursuit for some Swedish Ingenuity to create wireless earphones.

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Product Specifications

The earphones arrived in a beautiful white box, with a set of instructions, and each item individually packaged to ensure no missing pieces in the kerfuffle known as delivery.

I was gifted the Vasa BLÅ in Rose Gold and Black. This pair is wireless, has bluetooth, three button control, and has a built in microphone. With the earphones,you also receive an extra four different sized earphone buds pairs, a matching coloured clip to attach it to yourself, and a leather pouch for stylish organisation.

But how does it work without a cord to attach to the smart device? Simple. It has an extremely lightweight, built in battery which allows up to 8 hours of crystal clear listening.

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Review

Initial thoughts on the packaging were that it is minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing, and has had obvious thoughts put into the design to maximise the brand persona of simplicity, innovation, and ease.

Pairing the earphones was also quite easy, and required me to hold the play button for several seconds, search for the earphones on my phone, and click connect.

The colour of the earphones was an exact match to the colour integrity on their website, with the rose gold complimenting my rose gold accessories from Pandora.

The length of the earphone cord was not too short, and not too long to be able to be wrapped around discreetly under my hair, or resting on top .

The sound quality was pristine. One of the reasons I prefer inner ear buds, opposed to traditional headphones is that inner ear buds do better at blocking external noises. These Sudio Sweden earphones allow you to not have to put your music to the loudest setting in an attempt to drown out the crying of children on public transport, but enjoy your favourite music at a volume you're comfortable with.

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Tangled Earphones

The main perk from the Sudio Sweden earphones is no messy cord to get tangled up (somehow) on myself, or in my handbag. No tangle cord means less time irritated that I can't listen to whatever ten songs I'm obsessed with at the moment on repeat.

As it is wireless with a microphone, I will be able to have more discreet calls, with less hassle of whether I can hear the other person from the background noise!

This post has been sponsored by Sudio Sweden.

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