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The Quintessential Lace Dress

When I was a little girl, I adored everything that there was to be a traditional woman (as portrayed by the media). I watched romantic movies to see how relationships could look like, read love stories for how love would feel like, and basked in the glow of store fronts to gaze at the mannequins in their beautifully detailed dresses.

Now that I'm older, I see that love isn't like how it is in the movies, poems don't quite capture the all-encompassing feeling of love, and the mannequins sometimes are wearing dresses far too expensive to not feel buyers remorse.

Being a woman is more than just what she wears, or how she looks. It's about who she is, what she values, and how she interacts with the universe.

It's important to be confident, and that comes from being happy with who you are. Part of that is dressing the part. There's something soothing about putting on a nice dress, slipping into your stilettos, and strutting into the world like yeah, I love myself. It's important that you love yourself.

So when you find the perfect dress at the perfect price, buy it. You've worked hard for it.

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