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Bouncy Curls with Bombay Hair

Having salon quality curls is a sure fire way to make your self confidence soar on one of those days where you just feel a bit...meh.

I've teamed up with Bombay Hair to tell you how you can get soft, bouncy curls so you can feel like the beautiful mermaid that you are!

I'll be using their 5 in 1 curling wand in the following 'How To'. This comes with:

  • 5 barrels

  • 1 handle

  • 1 heat resistant curling wand stand

  • 1 heat resistant glove

2 hair claw clips

And it's advertised features are:

  • Five interchangeable clip-free tourmaline barrels infused with ceramic

  • Curling Iron has an Innovative handle design with a sleek matte black finish

  • Digital temperate control from (100-230°C)

  • Ultra safe

  • Read to use in seconds

Now for the look! Today I used the following products:

After my hair was finished curling, I added a 10mm dollop of Shine by Aesop and ran my fingers through my hair to break apart from of the curls so it wasn't so defined. Lastly, I sprayed some Tousle Me Softly by Herbal Essence throughout the top, and side curls to keep the tact, but still have them bouncy!

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