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Melbourne: Cultural, art, and architectural exploration

As an immigrant to Australia, I was always told that Sydney was the heart of Australia. You've got the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and The Rocks where the British invaded Australia many years ago.

But if Sydney is the heart of international tourism, the city that is endorsed through our tourism industry, Melbourne is cultural beat.

Everywhere I look there Australians of many origins across the globe, eateries that sell delicacies other than various of beef burgers, and languages spoken with sudden intrusions of foreign languages.

While Sydney has pointed a stern finger to street art, Melbourne has encouraged it, and allowed it to form a visually appealing component to their tourism industry.

There is a certain rhythm that resonates as you walk through the streets of Melbourne, that scream of multiculturalism, acceptance, and the potential for life without social discrimination.

Below are some photos my fiance, and I took to highlight some of the life within Melbourne.

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