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Review: LVL Hair Straightening Brush

For me, getting my hair to cooperate is such a time consuming, and arm numbing pain. My hair is naturally wavy, once was ringlets, and frizzes up if it even senses moisture in the air a mile away!

Even worse, God forbid I try blow-dry my hair (Google location: Frizz Central) so I have to wait for it to air dry.

So it was a life saver to have the wonderful marketing team at LVL Hair send me their LVL Hair Straightening Brush to review! I promise, that all comments provided within this review are honest, so you can make an informed decision whether or not you'd also like to try the LVL Hair Straightening Brush.


The brush came in a nicely sized box, without an excess amount of packaging. I find it quite deceitful, and terrible for the environment when I receive a package, or buy something that has way too much packaging than it needs! I understand when things are bubble wrapped for safety, or if there are styrofoam to keep pieces separated, but it something like the brush needs simple packaging: use simple packaging!

The Brush:

The LVL Hair Straightening Brush is a good size, just slightly bigger than the normal brush I use. It is charcoal black, with three buttons on the side (on, higher, lower), and a screen on the face to tell you the temperature it is set to.


LVL Hair advertises that it takes up to 5 minutes to straighten a whole head of average hair. For me, it took 4 minutes which included the 1 minute heat up period. As it was a good hair day, I suspect it would take me 8-10 minutes to do my whole head of hair using the brush. It really depends on what kind of hair you have, and also the length.

How to:

Plug in the Hair Straightener Brush, and click the top button to turn it on. Next, adjust the temperature up, or down depending on your hair type. Thin, fragile, or coloured hair should be straightened using a low heat, while thick, courser hair requires a hotter setting. Comb through your hair with a normal brush. Make sure your hair is completely dry, and apply some heat protectant spray. I particularly like the Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection (RRP: $51.95) Take individual locks of your hair, and use the Hair Straightener Brush to brush downwards from the roots to the tips. Go over each lock twice, and start on the next lock. It's really simple to use!

My hair turned out great using the LVL Hair Straightening Brush. If you have any questions regarding this product, feel free to contact me!

You can buy your own LVL Hair Straightening Brush if you click here

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