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Fuchsia Formal Fashion

I open up my mailbox, and in my hands is an invite to another invite to a black tie event. I live for black tie events. It is my favourite dress code, and I undoubtably have fun in my diamond necklace, and Louboutins.

Black tie events means dapper men in expensive suits, pressed white dress shirts, clean shaves, and hair sleeked back.

Black tie events means women dressed in this years latest gowns, diamonds, gems, 6 inch stilettos, hairstyles created by passionate hairstylists, and makeup created after a joyous trip to Sephora.

Black tie events means glamorous venues, imported luxury cars, and champagne. Oh God, black tie events means lots, and lots of champagne.

I cannot describe in words how much I adore black tie events, and preparing for them is so exciting.

For this upcoming event, I'm bringing out my Pimlico Hi-lo Dress in fuchsia which I received as a gift last season from the glamorous gals at V Label London to help launch their new collection.

V Label London is a fabulous women's formal fashion boutique. They sell the most dazzling designs, in fierce colours, with glamorous gems. The best thing I love V Label London is having it delivered. All dresses come delivered in a large, glossy black box with the dressed laid out perfectly. It makes you feel like a million dollars, but at an affordable $100-$300 mark.

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