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First day of Spring Fashion

Today is the first day of Spring here in Australia. The weather was a blessing with the sun radiating down a tender warmth, the sky was crystal clear, and I enjoyed all my pets happily running around on the grass.

Spring is here so I can happily put away my thick coat, and take out all of my shorter dresses!

To rock the arrival of baby animals, and flowers blossoming around Sydney, I enjoyed my first steps in my Pia Pink Suede Lace Up Block Heels from the lovely ladies at Simmi Shoes. Without giving into the typical 'I'm going to wear floral because it's now Spring' trap of fashion, I chose to wear this peach, flowy dress with the Pia Pink Suede Lace Up Block Heels to work.

I love lace up heels as it feel like a ballerina tying up her pointe shoes. The laces compliment the pleats of the peach, pleated dress.

Simmi Shoes has an incredible collection of heels, boots, flats, and sneakers to choose from! There were so many options available to match my desired dress.

What outfit would you have worn for the first day of Spring?

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