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Moissanite - Moi Moi Launch

If you follow me on Instagram, and Snapchat, you'll know that a few days ago I attended the Media Launch for Moi Moi Jewellers new collection: SuperNova.

I hade a wonderful time, and first would like to thank Lauren, and Alana Chang - the co-founders of Moi Moi Jewellers, as well as Agent 99 Public Relations for inviting me to the event.

The Moi Moi launch was a stunning affair, with five bloggers invited each morning, and evening to have high tea at the recently renovated Moi Moi store in Queen Victoria Building, Sydney. We were first greeted with champagne as we circulated the store to see their current offerings, then led to a marble table which was adorned with strawberries, sushi, desserts, and Moi Moi's new SuperNova collection.

Once settled, one of the cofounders gave an insightful, and eye-opening presentation about their biggest offering: moissanite.

Moissanite is a very rare mineral that was first discovered in 1893 within a meteor. Most moissanite on the market today are grown in a laboratory. The moissanite within Moi Moi jewellery is made from silicon carbide, and is 100% ethically made, and conflict free unlike most diamonds within the market today. All Moi Moi moissanite has been developed by quantum physicists to create a perfectly clear stone, then cut by up to 10 cutters to produce the array of designs available by Moi Moi Jewellers.

Pictured: 18 carat moissanite rings

Interestingly, moissanite tests as a diamond, with many jewellers, and stone evaluators not able to see the difference between the two. Even more interesting, moissanite officially has the highest amount of brilliance among stones, including the diamond.

But why choose moissanite for your jewellery?

Diamonds are a girls best friend, but they're not very friendly to our wallets. Diamond prices can be astronomically high, especially when it comes to engagement rings. As moissanite looks exactly like diamonds, and has a greater brilliance (one of the three factors for choosing a great stone) it is a smart choice for accompanying stones within an engagement ring. Not only that, but moissanite is 90-95% cheaper than a diamond of the same size, and density.

The Moi Moi launch did give me something to think about. In a world where sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and ethical buying is essential when making buying decisions, could moissanite really be the jewel of the future? Would you prefer to be proposed to with a ring that says I care about you, and I also care about what happened in the world to produce this ring?

So would you buy a piece of moissanite jewellery? Let me know in the comments below!

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