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Perspex Heels

Clean slate.

I'm currently working hard on my summer body starting from....well, technically last week.

Firstly, I love food. If we go into a restaurant - and my fiancé and I eat out around 4 times a week - I will pick decadent desserts, mouthwatering steaks, and won't be afraid to order a glass of red wine or two. What is served on a plate in most restaurants are masterpieces as they don't call it the culinary arts for nothing!

Because of this love of all things edible, my body has created a lovely layer of wintery warmth, but alas it must go! Summer is just over the horizon, and I see bikinis everywhere waiting to be worn as I frolic around the Philippines during my holiday.

So now comes what I can only refer to as the purge. Yes, like the movie, but not like the movie.

I have started a strict macros diet, and yes if it fits my macros I will devour!

Out goes my soft drinks, and my two servings of dessert. Out goes going to all you can eat buffets with friends during lunch, and the going to get pork ribs for dinner.

To start my diet, I have collaborated with the UK shoe glamazons at Public Desire. Today I wore black clothes to mark the funeral of my food frenzy, and paired it with the Public Desire 'Calla Perspex Strap Platform Heel' in white.

Disclaimer: I am happy with my body, and also with my life. My change in diet, and exercise is a health choice to ensure that I do not have elements of my diet that can cause long term damage from short term cravings. Love yourself, and know your worth ladies

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