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Fuchsia Knee High Boots

When I think of walking Sookie I instantly think of wearing my sweat pants, a bagging shirt, and some runners for what will be an inevitable adventure into tall grass - an environment Sookie has an unbashful passion for exploring.

I am so used to wearing my baggiest, daggy clothing to what Sookie that I haven't really considered walking Sookie as an experience for fashion. I mean, she sheds like crazy, and it is a fair hour, or two hour walk that requires an outfit fit for the experience.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Pets love us. Even when we have a bad day, or have done bad things, our pets will love us unconditionally. They are beacons of hope in a world of people doing wrongs as their motives can be so pure, and honest, and forgiving. Just today I accidentally stepped on her paw but no sign of hurt, sadness, or anger was present on this Pomeranian's delightful face.

Our dogs teach us to forgive ourselves, and how to forgive others by pointing out (probably unknowingly) how insignificant a little act can be in the grand scheme of things.

It's the same with relationships, our partners teach us who we are, and how we are in the ecosystems we live in. Life goes on, my friend insist.

Just look at your furry companion, and see the forgiveness and undivided love they have in their hearts for us. Dogs can show us the purity of love, so selfless, and understanding of our shortcomings. And no matter how much time passes, we must make an effort for the ones in our lives.

This includes a good dog walk where I want the best experiences for Sookie. This is why I have donned my new Fuchsia Perforated Chunky High Heeled Boots in Faux Suede from AmiClubWear.

This post has been sponsored by AmiClubWear.

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