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Gold Accented Ankle Boots

I'm so happy to announce my new sponsor SoleWish! They're a kick ass shoe company from the UK who sell awesome shoes like the ones I'm wearing in this blog post.

I've teamed up with them to show off my new SoleWish haul which I will introduce next post. Today, I'm sharing with all my followers my favourite pair: Sabrina Nude Suede Ankle Boots with a Gold Accent! These ankle boots have a five inch heel, and are made of synthetic suede. What I love about these ankle boots is that they're super comfy, and the gold block heel gives it the kick it needs to go from neutral chic, to golden glam.

I love being able to collaborate with all of these shoe boutiques, especially SoleWish because prior to becoming a blogger, I wasn't really a show kind of gal. I was more into the clothes I wore, and the experiences I got to have. Not that I don't invest a significant portion of my income on experiences, but it feels good to get new shoes. You know what I mean? It's like every new pair of shoes is something you are able to have a new adventure in.

Putting on new shoes just makes you feel the excitement of endless possibilities, not just for your day, but for your life. They make me feel like I'm equipped to start something different.

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