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Opalescence Go Review

Having a nice smile is important, and it goes beyond what colour lipstick you wear. Smiles are a universal sign of kindness, and we are drawn to those who exude the positivity we seek in our lives.

As someone trying to progress in the world of advertising, it is important for me to provide the best impression to those I meet. I want to be viewed as capable, but also worth the position. A white smile is essential for career progression as it can often by an unconscious make-or-break factor between you, or the next person. In fact, a study by Dr. Dacher Keltner, a smile psychologist and Professor of Psychology at University of California at Berkeley, found that participants who recently whitened their teeth were viewed 65% as more professional 61% more confident, and 59% more dateable than those with stained teeth,

So of course, we need to whiten our teeth. But with what?

I've used so many different kinds of teeth whitening products, and they've all worked for me in various degrees. But the real problem is convenience. I work a 9 to 5 job, that I often have to start early, and leave late due to workload. Outside of work I have blogging, my social life, and also I'm coached at a powerlifting gym. So I really need something that doesn't have me waiting ten to twenty minutes for it to finish before I can do anything else.

So in comes Opalescence!

I received the Opalescence Go teeth whitening kit, and I was so excited to try it! Why? Because my coffee consumption is so high.

This kit comes with prefilled, disposable trays that require wearing ranging from 15-90 minutes per day. Each green tray contains a clear mouth guard type fit that is filled with whitening gel. The Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride. These keep the enamel healthy during the whitening process.

How does Opalescence work?

The whitening gel within the wearable trays penetrates your tooth enamel. The oxygen molecules react with your discolored molecules in your stained teeth, and breaks the chemical bonds. once this is done, the the oxygen molecules spread thus whitening the entire tooth.

Does Opalescence work?

It's so simple to use, and perfect for anyone! All you have to do it fit the tray onto your row of teeth, pull back the green tray, wear it as you go about your day, and take it off once you're satisfied! The clear mouth guard is discreet so you can wear it out, and comes in a refreshing mint, or melon flavour!

Is Opalescence good?

Unlike other home whitening kits, the Opalescence kits are only available through dentists. This mentions there is heavier regulation over the chemicals used, and it is backed by dental professionals.

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