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What Facebook Thinks You Want To See Online, And How To Change It

Facebook, and Google are two of the most powerful companies on Earth. Pretty much everything we see online is because of algorithms created by these two companies based off what they think we want to see. The content that is pushed to us is based off what they see us engage with online, the frequency we visit certain pages, and what pages we bounce off from among other things.

All I see on my Facebook newsfeed is memes, articles about dogs finding their forever homes, drone footage of luxurious holiday locations, and new product launches. Not that I’m complaining, as this is actually what I want to see when I’m scrolling endlessly. But sometimes I’ll see ads, or posts that I am completely not interested in AT ALL.

So how do you stop seeing these types of posts? Aside from having to individually click to hide all posts/adverts from pages, you could just tell Facebook.

Facebook has a whole list of topics it thinks you’re interested in, and it’s 100% accessible AND editable.

Just follow these steps!

1. Click on dropdown menu on the right hand side of the Facebook header, and select ‘Settings’

2. Click ‘Ads’ or ‘Adverts’ on the right hand side menu

3. Click ‘Ads based on my preferences’ then click ‘Visit Ad Preferences’

4. Click ‘Your interests’, and you're there!

5. If you want to remove a topic just click on it, and it’s gone from your life!

Did you have any weird topics on your Facebook Ad Preferences that you weren’t interested in? Or how do you feel that Facebook has this list that they’ve defined you? Let me know in the comments below!

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